3CF at the Global Social Business Institute


On August 20th, 3CF’s Board of Directors attended the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) Investor Showcase hosted by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. At the event, 15 social businesses from near and far delivered 6-minute pitch presentations to a room full of investors, donors, and mentors. Each presenter highlighted a significant social problem, including but not limited to: lack of access to clean water in India, environmental degradation in Haiti, and high unemployment in Kenya. Each presenter then explained how his/her organization is actively solving the problem at hand through his/her business model, followed with a pitch to donors and investors on how additional capital contributions can help expand that impact.

Following the event, 3CF met with several of the enterprises to discuss potential for future investment. This is part of 3CF’s impact investing initiative to amplify the amount of philanthropic dollars we deploy each year. Through impact investing, we believe foundations have a unique opportunity to expand their social impact.

We extend significant thanks to the GSBI for facilitating the opportunity to convene with leading social enterprise from around the globe. 

Gwen StraleyComment